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Vote 4 Badri Lankella
District 7 Alderman
Voting: April 2nd, 2019
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Name, age
  Badri Lankella, 41
What brought you to Madison? How long have you lived in the city and in your district?
Family and job brought me to Madison
I’ve been living in Madison since 2004
I’ve been living in District 7/ Ice Age Falls Subdivision since 2009
Why are you running for City Council?
I’m a leader who wants to step up and fix the issues rather than talk about them all the time. We have been seeing public safety concerns in the neighborhoods due to the recent increase in robberies. Safety at the bus stop is another concern. When these issues were brought up to the city, no promising actions were taken. Please view the attached document for more details.
What sets you apart from your opponents?
Diversified leadership – Diversified people sitting in a board produce more innovative solutions.
20 years of leadership experience
Trained in Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering and Masters in Business Administration
Global Learning Experience (Evidence-based results from countries and city councils of Italy, India, South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe)
What do you love most about your district?
Community and Friendships: I’ve not seen this sense of belonging in any other state or country I’ve lived in. Even today, when I reached out to my neighbors to obtain nomination signatures, everyone was cheering for me as one of their family members. I believe in karma and I feel the need to give it back to this community by serving for this community with the strengths I have - leadership and knowledge.