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District 7 Alderman
Voting: April 2nd, 2019
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District Safety:
Concern: Bus stop safety for kids is becoming increasingly concerning in our district. Getting to and from the school bus stop is becoming more dangerous to our kids these days with speeding vehicles and earlier school hours.
My recommendations: Improving crosswalk safety at bus stops by installing pedestrian call button and flashing crosswalk signals.
What I plan on doing: I’ll work with city council to install call buttons on major road crossings such as High Point and Hwy PD. I’ll donate 50% of my salary from alderman service during my term in the office of District 7 for this and/or similar safety solutions.
Concern: We are hearing a lot about thefts and crime these days in our community. Every week there is something or the other. We have to fight together to protect ourselves and build a better and safer place for our kids.
My recommendations: Improved street lights, Burglary Prevention Project, Positive Action and Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies.
What I plan on doing: Work with city council on strategic plans to implement prevention programs. I’ve lived in several cities in California and Oklahoma before moving to Madison. I’ll use my experience from the past to implement strategic plans. I’ll be visiting countries like Italy, South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe during the month of March 2019 for a Global Learning Experience to study business and government strategies in these countries. These studies will help me identify similar issues we are facing and some evidence-based solutions.
School System:
Concern: : Building a competitive school system from elementary school level. At the same time the world is advancing in every field, we are cutting budgets, staff, and facilities for the development of our kids. This will only lead to a lack of competitive advantage in the near future.
My recommendations: Enhancing Advanced Learning Programs such as STEM programs in our school district.
What I plan on doing: I’ve been working with local elementary school as a coach at various STEM programs such as 4H, Lego Leagues and in the past worked with teams such as PTO, FACE etc., Working with these organizations and creating more competitive, coherent and creative programs will help enhance our kids’ competitiveness beyond our school, city, state and nation.
Economic Development:
Concern: While I’ve been working around the capital for 15 years, I’ve seen an increase in homeless people and panhandlers in those neighborhoods. While the city has been working on this issue for years, the numbers are not progressing in the right direction.
My recommendations: Economic development is imperative for increasing the workforce in the Madison area. Companies like Starting Block are doing a great job of elevating Madison’s stature in the nation as well as creating a good job market with the city. We need to work with more of these programs to create a tax base as well as jobs for the Madison area and bring unemployment below 1%.
What I plan on doing: Working with the UW Madison business school, I’ve learned strategies to work with entrepreneurs and venture capitalists that focus on developing Madison area businesses. I’ll work with the city of Madison’s economic development division to foster new ideas and direction for the future.
Other Community Issues:
Concern: District 7 and especially the Ice Age Falls Subdivision has written to the city for years to get a playground for kids in the neighborhood with no success.
My recommendations: Building and maintaining a new playground in the Ice Age Falls Subdivision.
What I plan on doing: I’ll work with the city council to install a new playground in the subdivision. I’ll donate the rest of the 50% of my salary from alderman service during my term in the office of District 7 for this and/or similar play structures.
Badri Lankella
Badri Lankella